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Drinking In Grand Rapids

In the year that I’ve lived in Grand Rapids, I have spent a lot of time at breweries. In fact, I’m about 100% sure that I wouldn’t be living here if it weren’t for the breweries.  Not sure if any of you would care why we moved here, so I won’t get into it, but let’s just say, we chose Grand Rapids, it didn’t choose us. That had an awful lot to do with the brewery situation. And what a wonderful situation it is.

From the moment we stepped into town, we’ve been drinking in (pun intended) the beer culture, but we’ve also noticed the stellar distillery situation as well. Enjoying cocktails crafted with locally made liquor is not something you find many places in the country. It’s fantastic and adds another level of awesomeness to the already fabulous Grand Rapids.

I decided to start this blog in order to celebrate the entire booze culture of Grand Rapids because I think sometimes the ciders, liquors and wines get forgotten in the wake of this being Beer City. That being said, I won’t be ignoring that wonderful world, just adding on to it.

I hope you enjoy reading about Grand Rapids as much as I enjoy being here. Let’s get this started!